1. Do the details I provide when placing an order remain anonymous?

Yes, all the details are confidential.

2. When i make an order, this is a one time payment?

Yes, all the payments on our store is a one time payments.

3. Why i can’t pay with my credit card?

The payment process on our store is made only through PayPal to provide you - all our customers, the highest level of security without the need to share your credit card information, you can recharge your PayPal account via credit card
or open a new account in two minutes.

4. What is the difference between a fast speed order and a slow speed order?

A fast speed is usually sent at once (once the order starts, the tempo will be fast but that does not mean that the order will start immediately after payment), a slow speed is slow and depends on the size of the package. Large packages may take several days to received fully.

Fast speed - Followers are received at once as soon as the order begins

Slow speed - between 50 and 300 followers received every 12 hours or between 50 and 200 likes received Every 4 hours

5. Will I need to provide passwords or login information at some point?

No, you do not need to provide any login information.


6. Can I make changes on the profile after an order is being paid?

No changes to the profile can be made if the order still running, any changes including the change of username, change the profile from public to private, or erasing a post that has been ordered on LIKES will completely cancel the warranty and the order will stop immediately.

7. I made an order on the store, when will I start seeing results?

Most orders start up to one hour from the time of the payment (in the event of an overload on the site there may be a delay of up to 12 hours from the time of the order made until it starts so please wait a few hours before contacting us).

We provide fast speed packages and slow speed packages.

In case of delay in receiving your order, please wait 12 hours from the time of order, in case you haven’t seen any results contact us through the support page and our representatives will be happy to help.

The site representatives will take care of any issue until it will be resolved.

For questions about orders made, please contact us through the support page with the code order.

8. The "special sale" page, how does it works?

In the "special sale" page you will find followers + likes packages combined, the likes will be split between 5 or 10 posts, according to your choice, you can choose the speed of the order as well.

9. Whats the difference between HQ (High quality) followers to MQ (Medium quality) followers?

"Buy Followers - HQ" - we will provide the good quality followers, 75% of the profiles are real.

"Buy followers - MQ" - the followers quality is a bit lower then the "HQ followers", that means that not all the profiles are high quality, its suitable mostly to big profiles that want to increase their followers amount and care less about the quality of the followers, around 40% real profiles.

Our costumer service team will be happy to help and answer any question,
Please contact us on the "support" page.