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Instagram is the book club we need right now

Between Reese Witherspoon's"Hello Sunshine" Instagram book club, the popularity of comedy Younger (set in New York's publishing world with a glittering roster of writerly cameos that are catnip for bookish types), and the #bookstagram hashtag which has now been used 34 million times, a new kind of reading enthusiast is emerging. The social media book club might have less wine (and less pretending you actually read the book), but platforms such as Instagram have created communities of book lovers finding new books to read, discussing the ones they have, and humble-bragging about the ones they intend to get to one day. There are dozens of bookish Instagram accounts, including some offering mini reviews such as @subwaybookreview, and online bookclubs such as @wellreadblackgirl...

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Instagram ad partner secretly sucked up and tracked millions of users locations and stories

Instagram ad partner secretly sucked up and tracked millions of users locations and stories     Hyp3r, an apparently trusted marketing partner of Facebook  and Instagram, has been secretly collecting and storing location and other data on millions of users, against the policies of the social networks, Business Insider reported today. It’s hard to see how it could do this for years without intervention by the platforms except if the latter were either ignorant or complicit. After BI informed Instagram,  the company confirmed that Hyp3r (styled HYP3R)  had violated its policies and has now been removed from the platform. In a statement to TechCrunch, a Facebook spokesperson confirmed the report, saying: HYP3R’s actions were not sanctioned and violate our policies. As a result, we’ve removed them...

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Instagram are being renamed!

Instagram are being renamed!     If you’re anything like us, the two most used apps on your phone are WhatsApp and Instagram, which is why news that they’re both soon to have their names changed may come as a shock. Yep, both apps are owned by Facebook, who want to bring all three platforms together under one roof. According to the Information, are planning to crown Instagram as "Instagram from Facebook" and WhatsApp as… you’ve guessed it, "WhatsApp from Facebook". Err, not exactly catchy, guys? Earlier this year, it was reported that Facebook also wanted chats and messages to pass seamlessly through Insta, WhatsApp and Facebook too. Apparently, this big name change is to make it “clearer” about which products and...

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