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Instagram confirms it is testing increased ad loads in Stories

Instagram confirms it is testing increased ad loads in Stories The company reports it is experimenting with running back-to-back Story ads from different advertisers. Last month, Marketing Land talked to multiple marketers who reported a noticeable uptick in ad load on Instagram, with ads accounting for as much as 22% out of 45 posts and 23% of Stories. Now Instagram is confirming it is experimenting with increasing ad volume in Stories. “We’re always testing new ad experiences on Instagram and want to learn how people and advertisers respond to this small test,” said a spokesperson from Facebook, Instagram’s parent company. The test involves running ads from two different advertisers back-to-back within a Story, according to a report from AdWeek. The experiment is...

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How to Delete an Instagram Message You Sent by Accident

A few weeks ago I attended a music festival with some friends. At some point, I was scrolling through Instagram Stories and then put my phone in my pocket. When I took it out a little while later I realized that I had apparently sent DMs to a number of my friends with an image of another friend’s plate of oysters. As you might imagine, this caused a bit of confusion amongst the recipients, who did not know my friend Rhianna that posted the image. And while the oysters she was enjoying in Seattle were lovely, they didn’t exactly warrant a random share. Screenshot: Instagram/ E. Price The good news is if you do something similar you can delete the...

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Good News, Disney Fans ⁠— Disney Plus Is Now on Instagram

Where else can you get Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic content in one place? The Walt Disney Company’s highly anticipated streaming service premieres within the upcoming months. Until then, fans can catch a glimpse of the content on Disney Plus’ Instagram account. Here’s what we know about the new subscription service and its exclusive television shows. Disney Plus premiered their Instagram account on Aug. 19, 2019 Do you love The Simpsons? Are you a fan of Marvel movies? Do you find yourself spending hours watching Netflix on your couch? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, we’ve got some good news for you. Thanks to Disney’s new streaming service, entitled Disney Plus, movies and television shows produced by...

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This Electrical Company Rocks Instagram--and That's Just Part of Its Hard-Won Success

This Electrical Company Rocks Instagram--and That's Just Part of Its Hard-Won Success He got a job as an electrician to marry the girl of his dreams. Now he leads a $3.6 million electrical contractor company.   Josh Levin was raised on the wrong side of the tracks. An unexpected call from his future mother-in-law--plus his own fierce determination--led him to startEmpowered Electric, which has what's probably the coolest Instagram of any electrical contractor anywhere. --As told to Zoë Henry My mom got pregnant with me when she was 16. I had multiple stepdads. They treated her poorly. She did the best she could, but she had to make decisions based on survival. The question wasn't, "Is this a caring, loving person?"...

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Instagram is the book club we need right now

Between Reese Witherspoon's"Hello Sunshine" Instagram book club, the popularity of comedy Younger (set in New York's publishing world with a glittering roster of writerly cameos that are catnip for bookish types), and the #bookstagram hashtag which has now been used 34 million times, a new kind of reading enthusiast is emerging. The social media book club might have less wine (and less pretending you actually read the book), but platforms such as Instagram have created communities of book lovers finding new books to read, discussing the ones they have, and humble-bragging about the ones they intend to get to one day. There are dozens of bookish Instagram accounts, including some offering mini reviews such as @subwaybookreview, and online bookclubs such as @wellreadblackgirl...

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