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How Instagram was created?

How Instagram was created? Instagram is one of the biggest social media that exist today if not the biggest one of all, but what do you really know about how Instagram was created? Most of the people don’t even know who came up with the idea of Instagram, well it was all about Instagram followers and Instagram likes, 2 guy called Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger had an idea. In the beginning it wasn’t even called Instagram, the original idea was for an app that called “burbn” but at some point the developers decided to focus on one main direction which is the camera and photography area so they decided to go with a different name and that is how the...

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Hottest places to visit for young people

Hottest places to visit for young people During the past few months I made a research and came up with list of the most popular places that young people are visiting these days, and those who haven’t visit there yet should visit. Let’s start with the surprising one, Tokyo. Tokyo is one of the most advanced cities in the world and has a lot of things to offer to young people, the main thing is definitely the technologic experience that you can get there, rather if that is a modern robot that you can’t find anywhere else accept there and it goes on even to the everyday routine when there is restaurants that there is some kind of production line...

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The right way to promote your Instagram account

 The right way to promote your Instagram account  To promote an Instagram account is a hard thing to do, you need to upload original or entertaining stuff in order to attract new people to follow your profile and also to preserve your old followers to keep following your profile. To have a good and successful Instagram account you need to have a lot of Instagram followers and a lot of people start to promote their Instagram account by buying Initial amount of followers and then it’s much easier to proceed from there. If you chose to buy Instagram followers we’re at FolloWorth suggesting to pick the slow package that provides you followers in slow speed and that way the followers...

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How I built and promoted my own restaurant

How I built and promoted my own restaurant "Since I was a little boy I already knew I would like to have my own restaurant some day and to serve my food and make people enjoy and to feel good and happy because of my cooking. Over the years when I grew up my dream seemed impossible sometimes and it was very frustrated, I worked on low paying jobs or just an occasional jobs such as waiter or newspaper delivery guy and it goes on and on… of curse there is nothing wrong with this jobs but I just felt incomplete and that I am not fulfilling my life dream to cook delicious food and to open my own place,...

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Want to buy high quality followers in slow speed? FolloWorth is the answer for you

Want to buy high quality followers in slow speed? FolloWorth is the answer for you Everyone who have an Instagram profile wants to have a big amount of Instagram followers. In order to achieve that a lot of people choose to buy those followers, there is a lot of sites that provides Instagram followers and Instagram services, but there is a lot of people that want receive those followers they are buying in a slow speed, they want that the pace will be reasonable because they don’t want other people to know that they are buying Instagram followers, they want it to look natural. That’s why we’re at FolloWorth offering a unique option that you can use in order to...

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