Why does everyone uses social medias?

Why does everyone uses social medias?

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Social medias are an important part of almost every regular person specially among young people, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and it goes on and on, why does all this social medias being so successful?

I am going to give my opinion about that in this blog.

So let’s start with what social medias really gives us, Facebook gives us the ability to catch up with what’s going on in the world and to be updated all the time if you follow pages that’s inform news, Facebook also gives you the ability to join groups that you have mutual interest’s with and then you can learn and expand your knowledge and shares your with others.

Instagram is a bit different, Instagram is more about to express yourself and to share your life with others, to show your style or to show your hobbies and it gives you the ability to show yourself to the world.

There is another side to this social medias, the side that says that people ca become obsessed with social medias because they want to be popular, all that matters to them is how much Instagram followers they have or how many likes they got on their post and how many comments they have. If you are not using social medias you can’t be popular and that’s another reason people are using the social medias. In my opinion I think social medias are great if you know how to use them right.

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