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How to pick your next vacation destination?

How to pick your next vacation destination? Everyone wants to travel the world and see new and beautiful places, but how can we know what’s right for us at the moment, in this blog I will give you some ideas on where you should visit and also about things you should consider while planning a vacation. So first of all you need to think what kind of vacation do you want, do want a vacation that you can sit all day and chill near the pool or the beach or do you want a vacation that you will be more active such as hiking trip of maybe a skiing trip. After you picked the type of vacation you want you need...

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How to use your Instagram profile to do good?

How to use your Instagram profile to do good? Instagram is one of the biggest social media networks there is, it has 1 million profiles in it. Because Instagram has so much people using it that means that you can expose and share some knowledge or opinion in almost every topic you want and a tremendous number of people can be exposed to it,  Here in this blog I am going to talk about how we can use our Instagram profile for a good purpose, first of all you need the will to do good and implant good influence among other people, if you want to do that that’s the first step to reach there. We can use our Instagram...

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Why does everyone uses social medias?

Why does everyone uses social medias? Social medias are an important part of almost every regular person specially among young people, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and it goes on and on, why does all this social medias being so successful? I am going to give my opinion about that in this blog. So let’s start with what social medias really gives us, Facebook gives us the ability to catch up with what’s going on in the world and to be updated all the time if you follow pages that’s inform news, Facebook also gives you the ability to join groups that you have mutual interest’s with and then you can learn and expand your knowledge and shares your with others. Instagram...

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How to use Instagram to promote my business?

How to use Instagram to promote my business? Instagram can be used as a very powerful tool in order to promote and expose your business, it doesn’t matter if your business is online or not. Ill share here some thoughts and methods that can be used in order to promote and expose your business on Instagram. Instagram knows as one of the most powerful apps in the world with around 1 billion profiles in it, that’s shows us the potential of how many people we can reach to if we will try. First of all you could put your business name and a little description on it in your bio page and then people can already know more about you,...

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Skiing in Czech Republic

Skiing in Czech Republic One year ago I went skiing on Czech Republic in a small ski village called Špindlerův Mlýn. Skiing is one of my main joys and I was pretty excited about the opportunity to fulfill one of my goals to learn how to surf on a snowboard while I already know how to surf on skis, when I first got there I was pretty determined and motivated to achieve my goal but then I learn on the hard way that snowboard surfing is not so easy as it may look. On my second day there I got injured and had to sit back and rest for a few days, at first it was really hard for me...

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