Skiing in Czech Republic

Skiing in Czech Republic

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One year ago I went skiing on Czech Republic in a small ski village called Špindlerův Mlýn.

Skiing is one of my main joys and I was pretty excited about the opportunity to fulfill one of my goals to learn how to surf on a snowboard while I already know how to surf on skis, when I first got there I was pretty determined and motivated to achieve my goal but then I learn on the hard way that snowboard surfing is not so easy as it may look.

On my second day there I got injured and had to sit back and rest for a few days, at first it was really hard for me and I was really frustrated but then I chose to look at the bright side and to enjoy my other hobby, Photographing.

I realized that I’m in a beautiful place and that I can take some breath taking new photos to share on my Instagram account with my Instagram followers and to let them see the beauty our world can offer.

At the end of the trip I was pretty happy with the results, maybe I still don’t know how surf on a snowboard, but I still had time to skiing on my regular skis and also to shoot some amazing photos that one of them is still the picture that I got the most likes on from all of my photos.

Thanks to your help guys at www.followorth.com I grew my Instagram account and reached much more people!


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