How to use your Instagram profile to do good?

How to use your Instagram profile to do good?

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Instagram is one of the biggest social media networks there is, it has 1 million profiles in it. Because Instagram has so much people using it that means that you can expose and share some knowledge or opinion in almost every topic you want and a tremendous number of people can be exposed to it,

 Here in this blog I am going to talk about how we can use our Instagram profile for a good purpose, first of all you need the will to do good and implant good influence among other people, if you want to do that that’s the first step to reach there. We can use our Instagram profile for good in a lot of them, one of the main methods is to pick the topic that you want to expose to people with the message you want them to get from it and to share it on your profile so all your followers could see it and maybe share it on their Instagram profile to get to more people, its always better if you have large amount of Instagram followers so naturally you will be able to share it to more people. You should pick the most urgent topic that goes through your mind so people will take it more serious, topic like “global warming” or “cleaning the ocean” and then you should pick a powerful photo that will catch the eye and will be hard to ignore from and to add some meaningful caption that will explain why and how people can help.

If you want to do some good, Instagram is a good way to do it. All you need to have is the will for it:)

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