How to pick your next vacation destination?

How to pick your next vacation destination?

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Everyone wants to travel the world and see new and beautiful places, but how can we know what’s right for us at the moment, in this blog I will give you some ideas on where you should visit and also about things you should consider while planning a vacation.

So first of all you need to think what kind of vacation do you want, do want a vacation that you can sit all day and chill near the pool or the beach or do you want a vacation that you will be more active such as hiking trip of maybe a skiing trip. After you picked the type of vacation you want you need to start thinking on which place is the right for what you are looking, if you choose a chilling near the beach vacation I suggest to visit the beautiful beaches of Greece in Mykonos and Rhodes, there is also the beautiful and attractive beaches of Spain that are high recommended. If you choose a hiking trip or a vacation that you want to be more active it I will suggest one of the most breathe taking places in the world, Iceland. Iceland known as a place with some amazing nature views in it, it’s almost seems imaginary sometimes. Another place I would recommend to visit for this kind of vacation is New Zealand, New Zealand known as one of the most exotic and pretty places as well and you can find there all the views that you are looking for. Another method to get to know a place more before you decide to visit there is to look it up on Instagram, just write the name of place you want to see and pick a profile with a lot of Instagram followers in it so you’ll know the profile is good and in the profile you could watch pictures from this place and get to know him a little bit better.

Remember to pick the place that your hart desire the most, that’s what really matters :)

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