How Instagram was created?

How Instagram was created?

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Instagram is one of the biggest social media that exist today if not the biggest one of all, but what do you really know about how Instagram was created? Most of the people don’t even know who came up with the idea of Instagram, well it was all about Instagram followers and Instagram likes, 2 guy called Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger had an idea. In the beginning it wasn’t even called Instagram, the original idea was for an app that called “burbn” but at some point the developers decided to focus on one main direction which is the camera and photography area so they decided to go with a different name and that is how the name “Instagram” came up.

When Instagram first lunched it was only for apple devices and after almost 2 years it was available also for android devices. A big turning point for Instagram was in April of 2012 when Facebook pronounced that they are purchasing Instagram for with a massive amount of money for that time, 1 billion dollar, at that time Instagram still was a relative small company with only 13 employees in it. Today Instagram is one of the biggest social media there is as I said earlier and it has in it billion profiles.  

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