How I built and promoted my own restaurant

How I built and promoted my own restaurant

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"Since I was a little boy I already knew I would like to have my own restaurant some day and to serve my food and make people enjoy and to feel good and happy because of my cooking. Over the years when I grew up my dream seemed impossible sometimes and it was very frustrated, I worked on low paying jobs or just an occasional jobs such as waiter or newspaper delivery guy and it goes on and on… of curse there is nothing wrong with this jobs but I just felt incomplete and that I am not fulfilling my life dream to cook delicious food and to open my own place, I started thinking that I am never going to achieve that. And then, right when I almost gave up I told myself that I have no reason to give up on my dream and that everything is possible, I came up with a plan to save enough money to rent a place that I can open my restaurant in it and I stuck in my plan and saved enough money to rent the place. After I rented the place and started to build my restaurant I found hard time on to find costumers and to expose my restaurant to a lot of peoples, that where you guys at Followorth joined the picture. I opened an Instagram account to my restaurant and needed big amount of Instagram followers to begin my profile because most of the people follows you only if you already have a lot of followers because then they know you are providing good services. So I found you guys online and bought from you Instagram followers and it worked great and really helped me to expose my profile and then a lot of new people started to follow me and it was really helpful. And that’s my personal story and I am really happy to share it with you guy, thank a lot."


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