Hottest places to visit for young people

Hottest places to visit for young people

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During the past few months I made a research and came up with list of the most popular places that young people are visiting these days, and those who haven’t visit there yet should visit. Let’s start with the surprising one, Tokyo. Tokyo is one of the most advanced cities in the world and has a lot of things to offer to young people, the main thing is definitely the technologic experience that you can get there, rather if that is a modern robot that you can’t find anywhere else accept there and it goes on even to the everyday routine when there is restaurants that there is some kind of production line that you sit next to with the number of your order and a robot brings the order automatically to you.

The next city I would like to talk to is no other then the famous Paris, Paris has been a place for young people for a long time and still a major and main attraction for young people to visit, it’s the perfect place for young couples, it is the most romantic city in the world so they say, you can experience there culture gestures as well such as breath taking museums and galleries, the food there is great and you can experience native food such as great pastries and cheese and wines.

The third city I would like to talk to is Berlin. Berlin is a main place for young people gatherings, it has almost everything to offer, it can start with the relative convenient cost of living and goes on with that there is a lot of cool bars and pubs and also a lot of culture to experience with a lot of museums and places to see and the people are welcoming and nice.

During my research I used a lot of different opinions and also gave my personal opinion that I acquired from reading online and also by watching and follow consistently in Instagram after people that I follow that been at these places and shared it on their Instagram account with their Instagram followers.

Always hear for you. FolloWorth Team.

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