Food industry on Instagram

Food industry on Instagram

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Food is an integral part of our life, for some of us this is the meaning of their life’s, there is people that love food and thinking about it all the time and there is people that give it less thoughts and less passionate about it, either way we can’t live without food. There is people that prefer salty food and there are those that prefer sweet and it goes on and on, the possibilities are almost infinity

So what’s Instagram has to with that? Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms there is with 1 billion profiles in it, and some of these profiles are dedicated just for food such as ”Tasty’’ or "buzzfeed food” where you can just watch quick 60 seconds videos on how to make such a delicious food, those profiles are so famous that they ,millions of Instagram followers and thousand hundreds of likes on their posts. You can also search a personal page of a chef you really like and to follow his profile to get updated and maybe asks for recipes to dishes that you loved.

If you are a “food lover” it’s important and enrich your knowledge in the food industry that developing all the time and it is also so satisfying to see a dish that you just look at it and you know you have to make because it is so good and then you’re making it and it comes up good and tasty. Remember that food should get you a smile of you face and not the opposite. Enjoy life:)

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