Can we help others threw our Instagram account?

Can we help others threw our Instagram account?

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Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms there is today out there if not the biggest, so in this blog we will talk of how can we help other people threw this platform.

Obviously there is a variety and different options to help people threw Instagram, I will represent few of them.

I will start with one way that I really connected to, to share others with your own knowledge- what does it mean you ask? Well its actually pretty subjective but overall it means to take some specific topic that you’re really familiar with and have a lot of knowledge in it and to share it in your Instagram account with your Instagram followers, I will give an example. Let’s say you’re an expert in painting and you want to share that knowledge with others you could use Instagram for it, just upload for example a drawing of a person in your account and also upload a video that shows the stages in the process and how it’s done and that way you are actually teaching all of your Instagram followers how to draw a person.

That was one way you could help others threw Instagram, there is so many ways that Instagram can be used to cause good to others, sometimes that’s even enough just to comment something nice on a photo that some of your followers uploaded and for sure it will make him a good feeling and who knows, sometime that one nice comment can make someone day so why wouldn’t we do it.


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